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This is a post about a sensitive topic.

"people need to stop saying they're victims of rape.. seriously.. theres no proof to say that."

I. What. What.
First off, I'm not trying to take the side of either the girl of the guy here. She might be lying, she might be saying the truth. Either is very possible and I won't comment on that.

However, what has got me shaking with rage are the comments on that post. The amount of "lol, she's only saying this because he's a famous guy", "oppa didn't mean it" and victim blaming is so incredibly sickening, I can't even...

First off:
"Why is she only saying this now, obviously she's lying"
I was very nearly raped when I was, oh I don't know, six. I was lucky, but it was still rather traumatizing. So much, in fact, that I managed to "forget" about it until maybe two years or so back. I can't remember what triggered it, but it all came rushing back to me then. Of course, I had never breathed a word about it to anyone. I didn't at first, even then. Of course, there are victims who are able to come out right away, go to the police and have the man arrested and locked away. But the majority of them is only able to speak about it until much, much later, if at all. For me it was almost 15 years. So who are these people to say "it's been so long, she must be lying"?
He is a famous person now. She will have to see his face all over the place, have to see him be admired by people, being praised, while all the time being reminded of what happened to her.
But no, she must be lying because it happened years ago. or she only wants attention and is using his fame to get it.
What the fuck, people??

"Does he look like a rapist to you?"
This... I can't even... What does a rapist look like then? Beard, brown coat, unwashed and filthy? Sorry to break it to you, girls, but you can't actually recognize the crimes people did by how they look. Oh, how easy that would make police investigations.

"people need to stop saying they're victims of rape.. seriously.. theres no proof to say that."
Now. I agree that there should be proof before condemning a person to a crime. However, to say someone has not been a victim of rape because he/she has no proof of it is complete and utter BULLCRAP. What do you want, for her to take pictures while it's happening? Videotape it? "Pics or it didn't happen" does not apply in real life, sorry to say.

"lovely boy is lovely and whatever happens I'm with him 100%"
...I wasn't even going to touch that one with a 100 foot pole, but. What. She continues her argument with "love the sinner hate then sin. it's a standard practice of my religion and something I always support. forgiveness is what God would want and that's what I would give."
WHAT? That is SUCH a hardcore case of Oppa didn't mean it, I can't... WHAT??

I'm going to stop here. I got to about half of page 5 before I had to stop reading. 12 pages of comments in total, and if they continue like this, I can't even...
These people make me so SICK. Been a long time since something made me THIS angry. Sadly I have no icon to properly express just HOW angry I am

And it continues... :/

Even if Kangho-oppa really did rape someone
Just think of it as a young boy's immature curiosity and
Keep supporting him and remind him that we're here for him.

If it's from someone this attractive, isn't rape a good thing?

I retract my statement earlier and say THIS HERE is a whole new level of Oppa didn't even mean it. What the everlasting fuck is this girl even saying??
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