Divine Squishy (lyuna) wrote,
Divine Squishy

Zhou Mi Appreciation Post

I was going to do the Happy New Year stuff and rambling and shit, but screw that, because people are messing with our most favourite ray of distilled sunshine again, and we can't have that.

So, from what I gathered:
- Someone hacked his sina weibo and responded to this message, insulting both Geng and Gengfans
- Mimi noticed, deleted the reply and wrote something along the lines of "Since I got hacked I'll stop using weibo for a while"
- Gengfans flipped their shit, claimed he was lying and are now bashing him and giving him death threats and all other kind of shit he really doesn't deserve. Antis saw their chance and jumped in too and Only13 needs to go die in a fucking fire anyway
In case anyone wants detailed information, the comments are very insightful too.

Basically chinese "fans" are busy being retarded again and Mimi needs some love >(
And while I can't exactly fly to China and hug him forever, I can at least spam some Zhou Mi appreciation.

Here we have exhibit A, containing distilled sunshine, rainbows, the brightest smile in fandom, all combined with a gorgeous, flawless man, wearing yo brand names.

...not to mention he has the longest, sexiest legs a man has ever had.

See that? I bet you did, until all that adorable in one blew you away.

Pity you can't have him, he already has a girlfriend. Or rather, 14 of them.

Never fear though, he will still allow you to bask in his perfection.

Obviously the antis don't know what they're missing. Dayumm.

Though I think I get it now. He's too fierce for the haters to handle. Well, tough.

I'll just let this speak for itself:

Feel free to come play and spread the Mimi love ♥

Go here if you want supportive messages for his weibo translated, because right now it's still being spammed with hateful comments
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