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LJ is being a bitch and not letting me upload my pictures, so those will have to come later.
There is a lot of Derpface!Kyu in them 8D

♥ We were somewhat late to stand in the queue (we had fosse tickets), so I was a little worried we'd end up really far from the stage. We didn't though, there were maybe 3 people between us and the stage. So I saw ~everything~ >D

♥ While we were waiting I got bored with the "Korea is awesome" ads that kept playing on screen, so I just looked around a bit - and found the highlight of the entire evening. From where I was standing, fairly high up behind the speakers, you could still see a bit of window, without a curtain drawn. I was glancing there, and by pure chance I saw some naked torso. Naturally I kept looking there 8D
Naked torso moved a little further into the room, so I saw more. I saw a very specific haircut, and a very very familiar posture. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I spied nekkid!Kyuhyun, and it was flawless
I think Siwon popped up once too, but I was shaking and crying (not literally) too much to appreciate.

♥ I also spied Kyubulge, Kyuass and Kyuthighs, Kyubulge specifically during A Man in Love. dfagfsh, DAT ASS. It is even more glorious in real life than on pictures.

♥ In general they are all so much more gorgeous. Especially Hyoyeon; I never really appreciated her, but holy cow, she is so gorgeous in real life! I think it's mostly bad camera angles that make people think she's not pretty. Also, hnnnng, Victoria. Like a flawless doll ;o;
Jessica is really tiny and skinny, I want to feed her :(
Sungmin. Fuck me, he is so much more manry in real life. And that look in his eyes during Don't Don. /swoons a little
Onew really looks a LOT like Song Joong Ki

♥ One thing I noticed was that, while the crowd was screaming for everyone and stuff, Super Junior were really the group that got everyone going wild. People were jumping around, singing along, everything. They are damn good entertainers!
I think they performed the most, too, and I loved every second of it.

♥ SuJu did the original Sorry Sorry (I like that so much more than the remix), Bonamana, Don't Don with Heechul doing Zhou Mimi's part (still so bummed HenMi weren't there). They also did Miracle (omg, everyone was singing along so loudly ;~;), Dancing Out, A Man in Love, No Other!

♥ At two points Heechul hopped off the stage into the pace between stage and audience on our side. I was maybe a meter away from him, and he is so beautiful, I can't... ;o;

♥ One of DBSK's background dancers looks like Yoochun. I swear, they do that to us on purpose. Mindfuck.

♥ DBSK's performance was so far at the end, I was getting really impatient. But it was so worth it. They went flying over our heads, and they stopped in the middle right over my head and were lowered down. I think if I had jumped I could've touched Changmin ;~; Except I didn't want to because he had gum stuck on his shoe. Ew. /gets bricked (His hands are gorgeous though. He was wearing a ring on his index finger and idk why I find that so hot, but it is. Unf.)
They did a short cut of Mirotic ;~; Changmin's scream, omg ;~;
There was Maximum, Keep Your Head Down, Before U Go... and then I was torn so much between crying and screaming my lungs out, because they performed the entire Rising Sun~~ I decided on screaming XD

♥ I kind of appreciated Leeteuk there a bit, because he was the only one doing shout-outs to the fans from other countries who had come to see them, not just French fans. Tiffany too, who did her introduction in English for us. Everything was only translated to French, so I only understood bits and pieces. At the end Siwon took a Europe banner and waved it around, and one of the boys was carrying a Spanish flag, I think :D

♥ During Bonamana Heechul molested Teuk very heavily. Groping all over his chest, of yeah >D

♥ Eunhyuk went "You are so gorgeous. I am gorgeous too! We are all gorgeous!" on us, and I was torn between screaming and loling, because we'd been talking about Full House before the concert XD

♥ Random other thoughts:
Donghae's skin actually looked worse than Kyu's ;~;
Kyuhyun is fucking gorgeous. (lol, this is no news)
During one song (can't remember which ;~;) Kyu was shoving Teuk off of him, and it was hot >_>
Leeteuk makes a DAMN good girl.
Siwon undressed during A Man In Love. Boy loves to flaunt his body XD
Minho was hanging all over Kyu during the ending and whispering to him and all. Two whores together~ XD
Paris really loved Amber, Hyoyeon and Onew. For DBSK and SuJu I think the screams were pretty equal for everyone
My voice was GONE after the concert.

♥ I know they are paid to be happy and smile on stage and be nice to the fans, but to me it felt like they were genuinely happy to perform for us and appreciated so many fans from all over Europe to come see them. They looked straight at the audience so often and waved and made hearts and everything. Like they really, you know wanted to perform for us :D

That's it for now, pics and fancams coming in another post~
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