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This is a Deathly Hallows pt 2 review

Obviously it's going to contain spoilers if you haven't read the book (FOR SHAME), so don't read if you don't want those :p

I'll try to limit my crying about how my childhood is over now >_>

So, I don't really know how to start this, to be honest. Oh well.
Basically I invited my best friend alyvendra So see the Deathly Hallows double feature/midnight premier for her birthday, and it was glorious. We didn't even have to watch in stupid 3D because I picked the smaller, cheaper cinema. And oh, was it a good choice~ Because everyone there got free Butterbeer (omg, so tasty!) and some pizza while waiting for midnight.
Though that's not really part of the review I still want to mention it because it was awesome 8D

My expectations for Harry Potter movies are always really low, because, let's face it, most of them are shit. I was surprised at part 1 already though, so I was going in there, hoping that maybe they managed to keep that level.
And I think they did. Of course, not everyone was as it should have been, but it wasn't the huge wtf-fest that part 3-6 were. I'm so glad about that. In fact, I think I would actually go see this one again.

We start with a little flashback of Voldy getting the Elder Wand, then cut to Harry kneeling at Dobby's grave. They included "Here lies Dobby. A free Elf" which made me really happy. I never cared much about Dobby's death tbh, but still, I think it was a significant scene.

I think people who read this already know the plot, so I won't go into that. Tralala, shit happens, Harry, Ron and Hermione sneak into Hogwarts with Aberforth's help, Neville gets his first Crowning Moment Of Awesome. Dumbledore's Army is reunited and the Orde5r takes over the castle. McGonnagall also has her first Crowning Moment of Awesome while she duels Snape and he flees the scene.

Voldy is ticked off. :p

Ron can still suddenly speak Parsel because JKR already had too many pages. Basically, most of the Horcrux destroying scenes stayed fairly close to the original.
The fiendfyre was brilliant and I really like how they made that scene. "If we get killed trying to rescue them, I'll kill you!"
Also, this is where we really start noticing that Draco is starting to shift alliances. Yes, he's a coward, he's an asshole, he did a lot of shit. But he is hesitating to actually attack Harry when he has found the Horcrux, just like he did not tell Bellatrix that he recognized Harry at the Malfoy Manor. I like how Tom portrayed that as well, you can see the internal struggle in his eyes.

Later as well, when Voldemort is asking people to join him or die. Draco does not move until after both his parents order him to, and even then he hesitates. I think they really managed to show well that he is not really on the Deatheater side of things any more.

And speaking of the Malfoys, Narcissa, too, got to keep her Crowning Moment of Awesome. I was really worried that they would leave her saving Harry out, but they didn't. They actually made that into a really touching scene, her voice all full of emotion when she asks him "Is he alive?" and then her voice being completely devoid of them when she turns and informs her ~Lord~ "Dead."
That really was amazingly made.
ETA: Continued by her basically just walking out on Voldy and his army during the battle without a glance back. So much respect for that woman ♥

Continuing on Crowning Moments of Awesome: "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH" fuckyeah, Molly. 8D

McGonnagall had some of the best lines in the entire movie, but just quoting them here would reduce the awesome. So definitely watch it.
"Mr. Finnigan here has always had an affinity for blowing things up since year one."
"I've always wanted to cast that spell."

And on the less funny part... I bawled when Fred died. I bawled when I read it, I bawled now. I just... that's one thing I could've lived with them leaving out. :(

The Prince's Tale was very well-made. I was afraid they would leave that out (like how they had scrapped most of Snape's parts in HBP, wtf was up with that), but it really explained pretty much every action he had taken. So even though I'm sad he dies, I'm happy with how they portrayed it.

Of course, there were a lot of thing that made me go ....this never happened (Voldy kicking Harry all over Hogwarts. What.), but it was mostly cinematography and nothing that disturbed the plot too much.

I am probably forgetting things here, important scenes that I wanted to mention and everything, but, yeah.
In general it was fully worth the watch and I am happy with how they made this one. :3


The End of an Era, truly :(
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